Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition: Part Three


Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition.

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This report covers:

  • The test
  • Qiang Yuan Training pellets
  • FX 10.3-grain dome
  • FX 13.4-grain dome
  • Benjamin 10.5-grain match grade airgun pellets
  • One last word
  • Summary

Today we look at the accuracy of the Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition multi-pump pneumatic rifle. If it’s just a can-buster, today will end the series. If it shows potential, we will look farther.

The test

I shot 5-shot groups from 10 meters with each pellet tested.  I used the open sights on the rifle and I rested the rifle directly on a sandbag. I used a 6 o’clock hold on the bull.  I pumped the rifle five times for each shot. Let’s get started. 

Qiang Yuan Training pellets

First to be tested were Qiang Yuan Training pellets, which are wadcutters. I also sighted in the rifle with three shots to adjust the rear sight so the pellet was inside the bullseye.

This wadcutter pellet loaded very hard, as if the lip of the nose had to jump over a sharp edge at the breech. And that showed in the group that measures 1.506-inches between centers. It’s the largest of the day.

Legacy 1000 Chinese training pellet
The Legacy 1000 put five Qiang Yuan training pellets into a 1.506-inch group at 10 meters. I see that the rear sight is adjusted too high. If that continues to the next pellet, I will deal with it.

FX 10.3-grain dome

I figured wadcutters might not be right for this rifle so everything else in the test is a dome. The next one is an FX 10.3-grain dome. Five of them went into 1.274-inches, which is not that much better. To my surprise, these also loaded hard, though not as hard as the wadcutters.

Legacy 1000 FX 10.3 pellet
Five FX 10.3-grain domes went into 1.274-inches at 10 meters. There are 6 pellets on the target. The first shot was the highest one, so I adjusted the rear sight down one notch and shot the group.

At this point I was thinking that the Legacy 1000 is just a tin-can buster. It’s certainly good enough for that, but unless I see some potential I don’t see running any further testing.

FX 13.4-grain dome

The next pellet I tested was the heavy 13.4-grain dome from FX. They also loaded hard, though not as hard as the wadcutters.

I have noticed that sometimes multi-pumps do their best with heavier pellets. And this was one of those times. Five pellets are in 0.826-inches, but four of them are in 0.447-inches. Those four shots made me wonder whether the Legacy 1000 deserved a test with a dot sight. Maybe the next target would tell?

Legacy 1000 FX 13.4 pellet
Five FX 13.4-grain domes went into 0.826-inches at 10 meters with four in 0.447-inches.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Benjamin 10.5-grain match grade airgun pellets

The final pellet I tested was the Benjamin 10.5-grain match grade airgun pellet. The Legacy 1000 is a Crosman airgun, so this pellet should be the best in it. And it was! Five went into 0.721-inches with four in 0.376-inches. That told me the Legacy 1000 is accurate with the right pellets. It also told me that the previous larger groups were not caused by sighting errors.

Legacy 1000 Benjamin 10.5-grain pellet
Five Benjamin 10.5-grain domes made a 0.721-inch group at 10 meters, with four in 0.376-inches.
This one is the best of the test.

A word about the Benjamin pellets. These .177 domes have performed splendidly in most airguns I’ve tested them in. I call them Benjamin Bullseyes, but Crosman calls them match grade airgun  pellets and to keep from confusing everybody I will use their name. They feed well in the Legacy and they are also accurate. In fact, they have earned the Legacy a fourth test, which will be another accuracy test with a good dot sight.

One last word

JTS is bringing .177 pellets into the US. If they perform anywhere near as well as their 18.1-grain .22 dome, they will be in many accuracy tests in the future. They said they would send me some to test, and I hope they get here before I test this rifle again.


The Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition multi-pump pneumatic rifle is testing well. And, since it is much cheaper than the non-anniversary Legacy 1000, it’s a great deal!

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