Crosman 362, 100-Year Anniversary Edition: Part Five


Crosman’s 362 100th Anniversary Edition. This is not a stock photo: it’s the actual rifle being tested.

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This report covers:

  • The scope
  • The test
  • Five pumps
  • Four pumps
  • Three pumps
  • Six pump strokes
  • Discussion
  • Benjamin High Compression pellets
  • Eley Wasps
  • Summary

Today we find out whether a scope makes any difference in the accuracy of the Crosman 362, 100-Year Anniversary Edition multi-pump. Two of you thought it would:


… and several did not:

BB Pelletier
Bob M

The scope

I mounted a Meopta MeoSport R 3-15X50 second focal plane scope. I did so because it was available and already in 11 mm dovetail mounts that the 362 100-Year Anniversary Edition requires. That did exacerbate the shortness of the bolt handle and If I were to leave the scope on the rifle I would have to get a longer bolt handle.

The test

I started with the most accurate pellet from Part 4, which was the H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. With the dot sight five made a 0.423-inch group at 10 meters. 

All groups shown today are five-shot groups. All targets were shot from 10 meters with the rifle resting directly on a sandbag. I varied the number of pump strokes and will mention them in each target encounter. Let’s go.

Five pumps

After sight-in the first five-shot group on five pumps went into 1.225-inches between centers at 10 meters. That’s nearly three times the size of the best group with the dot sight at the same distance. No, there were no called pulls. Yes, the scope was tight in the rings and yes, the rings were tight on the rifle. The scope needed to be adjusted to the left a bit, so I dialed in 4 clicks of left adjustment after this group was fired.

362 Hunter Extreme 5 pumps 1
At 10 meters the 362 on five pumps put five Baracuda Hunter Extremes into a vertical group measuring 1.225-inches.

After adjusting the scope I decided to shoot a second group. This time the pellets were mostly in the black with five in 1.291-inches between centers.

362 Hunter Extreme 5 pumps 2
After adjusting the scope the 362 put five Hunter Extremes into a 1.291-inch group at 10 meters.

Four pumps

Now I decided to see whether a different number of pump strokes affected the group size. I’m still shooting the Baracuda Hunter Extreme. This time I pumped 4 times per shot. Five pellets went into 1.261-inches at 10 meters.

Hunter Extreme 4 pumps
On 4 pumps the 362 put five Baracuda Extremes into 1.261-inches at 10 meters.

Three pumps

Next I tried five shots of Hunter Extremes on three pumps per shot. This time five went into 1.529-inches at 10 meters.

362 Hunter Extreme 3 pumps
On three pumps the 362 put five Hunter Extremes into 1.529-inches at 10 meters.

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Six pump strokes

Maybe I needed more pump strokes to get better accuracy. This time I pumped 6 times per shot and Five H&N Baracuda Hunter Extremes went into 1.357-inches at 10 meters.

362 Hunter Extreme 6 pumps
On 6 pumps per shots the Crosman 362 put five Hunter Extremes into 1.357-inches at 10 meters.


Okay, thedavemeister and Michael — there you are. These groups were all much larger when a scope was used than when a dot sight was used. I did my very best today. The lesson? At close distances scopes don’t always improve things. 

You can’t say this scope was faulty, either. It’s a Meopta that has a proven track record. I checked all the mounting points before, during and after the test, so it wasn’t that. And, before someone asks, I will tell you all that the grub screw on top of the front barrel band is tight.

This test proves nothing, but it is indicative of the true accuracy of this particular air rifle. From the photo that reader Vana2 posted we know that other 362 100-Year Anniversary Edition rifles are more accurate than this one.

With the scope mounted, the 362 shot larger groups than it did with the dot sight. And “seasoning” the bore by shooting the same pellet many times doesn’t seem to have made any difference today.

Benjamin High Compression pellets

In Part 4 Benjamin domes grouped five in 0.85-inches at 10 meters. Today, on the same five pumps, this 362 put five of the same pellets into 1.01-inches at 10 meters It’s the smallest group of the test.

362 Benjamin dome 5 pumps
On five pump strokes the Crosman 362 put five Benjamin domes into 1.01-inches at 10 meters.

Eley Wasps

Maybe accuracy would improve if I tried the largest pellet I have — the vintage 5.6mm Eley Wasp? So I did. You can’t get this pellet new anymore, but inquiring minds have to know.

Nope — five Wasps made a 1.633-inch group at 10 meters. It’s the largest group of the test.

362 Wasps 5 pumps
The Crosman 362 put five 5.6mm Eley Wasps into a 1.633-inch group at 10 meters.


I have put this rifle through the wringer in these five posts. It’s beautiful and does come with a peep sight. But this one doesn’t group at 10 meters — at least not with anything I have tried. If you can think of anything legitimate I haven’t done, I will try it. If not, I think we’re done.

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