Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition: Part One


Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition.

This report covers:

  • Differences
  • Never reviewed
  • Reviews
  • The rifle
  • Sights
  • Discharge sound
  • Pretty
  • Summary

Good morning. No, this isn’t another report about the Crosman 362, 100 Year Anniversary Edition airgun. There are more reports on that airgun yet to come, but today we will be looking at a completely different model — the Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition.

Crosman Legacy 1000 box
The Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition comes in an attractive box.


Like the 362 100 Year Anniversary that also exists as a standard Crosman model, the Legacy 1000 exists as a standard multi-pump, as well. But unlike the 362 Anniversary model that was prettied-up with a walnut stock and priced accordingly, the Legacy 1000 One Hundred Year Edition sells for the same as the standard Legacy 1000 or LESS. That’s correct. On the day this report is published, the 100 Year Anniversary Edition of the Legacy 1000 is listed for ten dollars LESS than the standard Legacy 1000. 

Never reviewed

I figured that I had probably written a report on the Legacy 1000 so I did a search on this blog. I discovered that a reader named David did a guest blog, but beyond that I had never looked at the airgun. So this report will be a twofer. Not only do you get to look at the 100 year anniversary model, you also get to look at the standard Legacy 1000, because under the paint these two rifles are the same.


I read several reviews about the rifle on several websites and learned some things. For example, one reviewer said he got a scope with his rifle. That may have been a special offer from that dealer, but this rifle does not come with a scope. It has open sights with a fiberoptic insert in the front.

Another reviewer criticized the pump lever for being too flimsy. That piqued my curiosity so I pumped it several times to see what he meant. It feels just as robust as any other multi-pump I have tested.

One guy said he found it hard to load pellets. I will check that for you, but just looking at it, it looks super-easy! The loading port in the breech looks like a funnel.

And one reviewer said that it looks cheap with the gold paint. Excuse me? Doesn’t his computer have a color monitor? Or did he expect to see a gold-plated metal receiver? I can tell what it looks like from the pictures on the website. Maybe he bought it using a smart phone and couldn’t see the pictures full-sized.

The rifle

I will now describe the basic Legacy 1000 — what’s under the paint. This is a multi-pump and the manual says it operates on between three and 12 pumps. I will test that for you.

It has a rifled barrel and can shoot either pellets or BBs. Pellets are loaded singly and I will ignore the reviewer who criticized that fact. Guys, if you want to shoot faster buy a repeater!

The BBs are stored in a reservoir that’s accessed through a hole by sliding the grip cap backwards. The manual tells you to load no more than 200 BBs into that reservoir. The description on the Pyramyd AIR website says the gun holds 850 BBs. Oddly the website says only 200 BBs for the standard Legacy 1000. I know these two airguns are identical except for the finish. I will believe the manual and load it with 200 or less.

Crosman Legacy 1000 BB reservoir
Slide the grip cap to the rear to load up to 200 BBs (only) into the reservoir.

The rifle is 38.25-inches/97.155cm overall, and has a 21-inch/53.34cm barrel. The stock and forearm are very sturdy plastic, colored medium brown to look like wood. The pull is 13-3/4-inches/34.925cm. The rifle weighs 3 pounds, 8.2 ounces/1.59kg and every one of them should be the same because there are no natural products in this rifle.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear


The front sight has a bright green fiberoptic tube that appears as a bright dot in the rear notch. There is a dark post with a squared off top around the tube. And the whole front post fits into the rear notch perfectly! The rear sight has no fiberoptics. I may try to shoot using the fiberoptic tube because it is the brightest one I have ever seen.

The rear sight adjusts for both windage and elevation. Let me show you that so you can see how it works.

There is also an 11mm dovetail atop the receiver for a scope. I may actually try the gun that way, too.

Crosman Legacy 1000 rear sight
Slide the stepped elevator to adjust elevation and loosen the rear screw to  rotate the entire rear sight left or right.

To ready the BBs for shooting pull the follower on the left side of the receiver back point the muzzle down and twist the rifle side to side rapidly. Up to 30 BBs fit in the ready reservoir.

Crosman Legacy 1000 ready reservoir
You fill the ready reservoir on the left side of the receiver with up to 30 BBs.

Discharge sound

The barrel is not shrouded, so the discharge will increase as the pumps increase. I will record that for you. Just know now that there is no one single discharge sound level.


On top of all the physical and performance specifications, Crosman has gone out of their way to make this airgun attractive. Yes it is made of plastic and yes, that plastic is painted, but how else can they do it for the price? Weihrauch isn’t going to sell you a rifle for sixty-five bucks!


This Crosman Legacy 1000 – One Hundred Year Edition air rifle has a lot for us to consider. And, at ten bucks LESS than the standard Legacy 1000 it was tailor-made for airgunners. The only thing better would be a rifle that deposited money in your bank account every time you pulled the trigger.

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