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Hamas killed Americans too. In all of the commotion about “Free Palestine” and “I stand for Israel” going on in our country right now, that seems to be forgotten.

Hamas killed Americans too, in the terrorist attack on 7 October, 2023. Something on the order of 1300 people were murdered by Hamas that day. That included around 30 American citizens. Americans were also among the hundreds missing and kidnapped. And Hamas is also effectively holding hostage US citizens who are living in Gaza but who now want to leave. Where are the marches, the protests, the outrage over that? Because there should be a lot of it.

Hamas killed Americans too.

Hamas killed Americans too, and for that reason alone there should be mass protests in support of the Americans killed, kidnapped, and held hostage by Hamas. For that reason alone, America should bring every element of our national power to bear against them, until our people are released and Hamas is no longer in a position to threaten us, or our allies again.

Hamas killed Americans too. America needs to remember.


Scott Faith is a veteran of a half-dozen combat deployments and has served in several different Special Operations units over the course of his Army career. Scott’s writing focuses largely on veterans’ issues, but he is also a strong proponent of Constitutional rights and has a deep interest in politics. He often allows other veterans who request anonymity to publish their work under his byline. Scott welcomes story ideas and feedback on his articles and can be reached at havokjournal@havokmedia.com

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