5 Essential Precision Rifle Accessories

A DOPE card is the cheapest upgrade you can put on your rifle.

In most practical situations as a hunter or professional sniper, you’re not going to want to be messing around with a ballistic solver to get your firing solution.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great range finding binoculars on the market, with ballistics, but pen and paper doesn’t require batteries and it’s easy to water proof.

As a sniper, using a DOPE card was the most practical way we used to get rounds on target and, now as a hunter, I have used a DOPE card to kill all my animals.

There are several variations to mount your DOPE card. For my competition set ups, I run a Hawk Hill Data Card holder that directly attaches to my SPUHR optic mount.

This is a great way to only use the data for the stage you are shooting and that allows me to keep my face on the gun without having to look down at an arm board.

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